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#5E Top 5: Oren Major's Albums of 2018

Editor's Note: Continuing on with our 5th Element End of Year Lists, we hit up another "Friend of 5E", Oren Major, to see what he considers his favourite albums of 2018.

As an artist himself, he has been incredibly busy since our interview in May 2017. This year alone he has dropped two projects, "Black Privilege" & "XoHrtBrkr" and dropped several singles and covers. Can't knock the work ethic!

If you want to listen to his music, be sure to hit up his Spotify page & follow him on Twitter & Instagram. Without further ado... Oren Major's Top 5 Albums of 2018. Enjoy.

Just want to clarify that this list is solely based off my personal tastes and play-ability.

1. "88Glam" by 88Glam

Man, LOVE this album! What’s crazy is, one of my favourite artists in 2011-2012 was a YouTuber by the name of Drew Howard, who has since then changed his name to “88Camino.” He’d partner with fellow Toronto artist Derek Wise to form the XO signed group “88Glam.”

This self titled album perfectly captures the dark vibes and melodies that Toronto is known for. It’s catchy, it’s harmonious, and overall, something I can play consistently without getting tired of it.

2. "DAYTONA" by Pusha T

PUSHHH!! I feel like any Hip-Hop head had to vibe to this album. Came for the Yeezy production, stayed for the raw emotion & hood poetry! Pusha T is always solid. “The Games We Play” makes you feel like a kingpin in a drop-top in the 90’s. DAYTONA as a whole paints a picture all the way through in a way that’s rare in modern rap. “The Lord is my Shepherd, I am not sheep, I am just a short stone’s throw from the streets...”

3. "ASTROWORLD" by Travis Scott

Travis Scott is one of the most talented young artists today, period. ASTROWORLD proves that statement to remain true. I appreciate any artist that puts the time in to sculpt every detail, and his songs are always extremely creative and strategic from the artwork all the way to the video.

“Stop Trying To Be God” is my personal favourite because it’s so relatable. Being an independent artist is very demanding but this song reminds me to stay patient and humble. “Sicko Mode” is a fucking banger. Hard to not have this album top 5.

4. "?" by XXXTentacion

This album was our road trip soundtrack this summer while touring. XXX was so talented and unique. I truly believe he would’ve changed the mainstream track of Hip-Hop given a couple more years on Earth. His ability to make you feel his emotion, pain, anger, love all in one song will be unmatched. “Moonlight” for example, has a hypnotising lullaby like melody but emits a feeling like rage. The project itself is the best blend of rap, emo, metal to date. Pure, unfiltered, imperfect energy and emotion we can all relate to. R.I.P XXX

5. "Beerbongs & Bentleys" by Post Malone

Post Malone just doesn’t miss man. His flows, cadences, melodies throughout the whole project are flawless. This is an album you can just turn on and let play, and I find myself doing that very often! Honorable mentions: "KOD" - J. Cole "Backwards Books 2" - Azizi Gibson "XoHrtBrkr" - Oren Major "Apologies in Advance" - Sylvan LaCue

"DiCaprio 2" - J.I.D.

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